Contact Me

To contact me via email, my user name is “smpoole7.”

My ISP is and NOT or Therefore, to contact me, put that username in front of “,” but NOT “” or anything else.

(Sorry to make you jump through hoops like that. Let’s see if the spambots can figure that one out. I have a depressing feeling that they probably will, at which point I will have to become even more creative.)

I would like to hear from you. The only reason I’ve disabled comments on these pages is because I don’t have time to monitor for spam. There are spambots now that are quite capable of reading “Capchas” that will stump a human, believe it or not. Even the ones with different shaded lines all through them can be cracked. (Spammers are nothing if not persistent.)

(By the way … if you’d like to know why spammers keep doing their dirty work, sadly enough, it’s because people still fall for it. Remember that: everytime you refuse to click a link in spam, you are aiding the entire human race. Be alert!)

It is a shame, though. I do enjoy a lively discussion. If there’s enough interest, I might either find a good discussion board somewhere, or even install a PHP Bulletin board system here myself. Let me know if you’re interested.



Soli Deo Gloria!