The Case For A Creator


Charles Darwin, the original life of the party.

The only difference between an appendix and an addenda is that the addenda can’t be removed if it becomes inflamed. — Admiral Waltersby, a fictional character in a story yet to be written

Back in the late 60’s, we had the Jesus Movement. A bunch of Hippies became Christians, but without losing their strong dose of Counterculture. (Heh.)

I’m old enough to remember that well. Now, I was never a hippie; I was too “square.” (My younger readers probably won’t even recognize that word, at least not the way I just used it.)

I remember the “one way” hand gesture, the bumper stickers — “in case of rapture, this car will be unmanned!” — and of course, Jesus Music. In the 70’s and 80’s, I played and sang in several different Christian bands.

Contemporary Christian Music is now mainstream. One of our stations here in Birmingham, WDJC, plays the music 24/7. Artists like Newsboys, Mercy Me, Plumb and Skillet have even crossed over onto secular radio.

My, how times change. Now we have a new movement: it has been called anti-theism, or even evangelistic atheism. It (rather enthusiastically) seeks to get everyone to renounce the existence of God. They even rent billboards and have “anti-revival” meetings.


Phil Keaggy, one of the first “Christian Rockers.”
This dude can play a guitar. Look up his work.

If you’re involved in one of these groups and you’re content, then good for you. But if you’re not happy, or you sometimes wonder (late at night, when no one is watching, of course), “is this really all there is?” . .. .. you definitely need to keep reading. This is for you. There is a God who loves you personally and who wants to know you personally.

(And I can almost guarantee that you don’t know what real Christianity is. You probably think it’s a set of rules and regulations and do’s and don’ts. Right? Wrong!)

Most folks have never actually looked at the evidence for design in our Cosmos. They’ve done what people like me are accused of: they’ve simply fed their confirmation bias by reading a dismissal of the evidence … as written by another skeptic or atheist. I want you to look at the facts for yourself. (C’mon! Be fearless! Do it!)

To keep you here, I’ve tried to make this entertaining and interesting. This is not just another site with one dry statistic after another: “if the Weird Force was 3.26% weaker, the Sun would’ve collapsed to the size of a walnut and glowed deep purple!!!11!”

Actually, I enjoy this stuff. So … I’m going to walk you through a few examples from start to finish, instead.  NuffZedd — and read on!


You call yourself “Bright.”
So why are you unhappy?

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